Graduate Seminars

  • The Epistemology of Photography ~ syllabus
  • Global Modernism: Critical Engagements ~ syllabus
  • Readings in Modern and Contemporary Asian Art ~ syllabus
  • Readings in Material Culture (with Elizabeth Rodini) ~ syllabus
  • The Active Body ~ syllabus
  • Politics and Visual Culture ~ syllabus
  • Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art ~ syllabus
  • Provincialising Europe

Advanced Undergraduate

  • Global Modern Art: Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas ~ syllabus
  • The Epistemology of Photography ~ syllabus
  • The Politics of Display in South Asia ~ syllabus
  • Key Moments in East Asian Politics and Visual Culture since 1850 ~ syllabus
  • Asian Art after 1945 ~ syllabus
  • The Harem and the Veil: Space and Gender in the Islamic World ~ syllabus
  • Murals, Monuments, and Museums ~ syllabus
  • Encountering South and Southeast Asian Art (co-taught with Robert Mintz, Walters Art Museum) ~ syllabus
  • Gender in Asian and Islamic Art
  • Stories with Pictures: Narrative in Asian and Islamic Art
  • Critical Approaches to the Analysis of Art
  • Contemporary Asian Art and Architecture
  • Colonialism and Nationalism in India
  • Politics of the Middle East and South Asia
  • Cinema, History, and Politics


  • Monuments of Asia ~ syllabus
  • Art of the Islamic World ~ syllabus
  • East Asian Art, Culture, and Politics ~ syllabus
  • South Asian Art, Culture, and Politics ~ syllabus
  • Indian Art in the Museum ~ syllabus
  • The Art of Bollywood ~ syllabus
  • Introduction to Art History (disciplinary and global survey)
  • Introduction to Asian Studies
  • Introduction to the Art of Asia
  • Arts of China
  • Arts of Japan
  • Indian and Southeast Asian Art
  • Buddhist Art of Asia
  • Understanding Global Politics
  • Rock Paper Sword: Ancient and Medieval World Art
  • Art in Wales, 18th–21st c. (e-learning)