• 2014–       Associate Professor, History of Art ~ Johns Hopkins University
  • 2012–14   Teaching Professor, History of Art ~ Johns Hopkins University
  • 2008–12   Visiting Associate Professor, History of Art & Political Science ~ JHU
  • 2006–08    Lecturer in Politics & International Relations ~ Swansea University
  • 2004–06    Research Associate ~ Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
  • 2004–05    Visiting Scholar, History ~ Pennsylvania State University
  • 2003–04    Assistant Professor, Art History ~ University of Redlands
  • 1998–03    Assistant Professor, Art History ~ St. Mary’s College of Maryland


  • 1999   University of Minnesota ~ Ph.D. in South Asian & Islamic Art History
    • Mellon Fellow in Humanistic Studies, CAORC Research Fellow
  • 1995   University of Minnesota ~ M.A. in South Asian & Islamic Art History
  • 1993   Pomona College ~ B.A. in Art History


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